Thursday, 8 May 2014

The aim for my Mock FMP was to look at the relationship between mother and child. THis idea has lead me to look at art history, modern interprutations and explorations of the relationship and to think about my own experiences so far as a mum.

It is like these are statements of fact, or therapy to help me make sense of my experiences. I could create a 'thing' which embodies my thoughts or feelings about our relationship, but how can I truly do that without involving my child in the process?

What I face here and now is the challenge to raise my child as I think it should be done, not how society or mass media tells me it should be done. Now I could home educate, only introduce Ike to my ideas and teach him about what is important to me - but by doing this I will be training him to be a mini me - only be allowing him to express himself in my

All change please...

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Monday, 28 April 2014

Louise Joséphine Bourgeois (French: [lwiz buʁʒwa]; 25 December 1911 – 31 May 2010),[1] was a renowned French-American artist and sculptor, one of the most important artists in modern and contemporary art, and known for her spider structures which resulted in her being nicknamed the Spiderwoman.[2] Her largest spider sculpture titled Maman has loomed over numerous locations around the world, standing at over 30 ft (9.27m).[3]

She is recognized today as the founder of confessional art.[4]

In the late 1940s, after moving to New York City with her American husband, Robert Goldwater, she turned to sculpture. Though her works are abstract, they are suggestive of the human figure and express themes of betrayal, anxiety, and loneliness. Her work was wholly autobiographical, inspired by her childhood trauma of discovering that her English governess was also her father’s mistress.[4]