Monday, 7 October 2013


Had metamorphosis on the mind today. Am grappling with it a lot. Transformation can mean so many things. From a slow meaningful change brought about by large amounts of effort focused on a goal to an involuntary change bought about by some kind of crisis.

Not sure yet which I am more interested in or inspired by. A friend suggested I read some Franz Kafta, so I will hunt that down. Wiki gives me a basic plot outline but I'd like to read it this week.

More time tomorrow to do some artist research. But my ideas at this point without any of this input are:
  • Using mirrors so it depends on where you stand to look at work as to what you see - metamorphosis depends on your own views. I could see a tremendous change in someone, but the next person may just see what they saw before. Maybe nothing's changed and I've been fooled, or maybe they just don't see it.
  • Showing metamorphosis in one piece inspired by the very moment Diana threw the water at Actaeon and he started to change into a stag. What would have looked like at that very moment?
  • Using a pelvis somehow in the sculpture. To me it is a symbolic gateway to the biggest change ever. Be good to use it in a warped/concealed way.
  • Contrasting detailed fine sculpture with something that is made out of found materials.

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